Vehicle Dynamics - Lateral: Open Source Simulation Package for MATLAB

This package is an open source initiative that provides vehicle models and graphics features for yaw dynamics simulation of simple and articulated vehicles.



The first thing you have to do is install the package according to the following steps:


To run the functions of the package and the examples from the repository a minimal MATLAB® version and/or Toolbox is required.

Dependencies of the package (Only the files in "+VehicleDynamicsLateral"):

MATLAB, v8.5

Dependencies of the examples (Only the files in "Examples"):

Control System Toolbox, v9.9
MATLAB, v8.5
Robust Control Toolbox, v5.3
Symbolic Math Toolbox, v6.2
Simulink, v8.5
SystemTest, v2.6.9


The general structure of the package is illustrated below. All the classes of the package are categorized into Vehicle model, Tire model and Graphics. One Vehicle model and one Tire model are combined to form the System. The integration of the System, with the apropriate parameters and initial conditions, is performed through the standard ode45 function of MATLAB®. The resulting data can be ploted as Frame and Animation with the Graphics features.

This package uses an object-oriented programming architecture. For more details see Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB

The links to the description page of the available models and graphics listed below.

Tire model

Vehicle model

The theoretical foundation of vehicle models can be found in: TheoryVehicleSimple, TheoryVehicleSimple4DOF and TheoryVehicleArticulated.


Getting started

To make the first steps easier, two template scripts are available covering the simulation of simple and articulated vehicles. We encourage the users to run and explore the examples TemplateSimple.m and TemplateArticulated.m.

Alternatively, for users familiar with Simulink, two template applications are available for running the models of the package in Simulink. Run and explore the examples TemplateSimpleSimulink.m and TemplateArticulatedSimulink.m.


This section presents a series of studies with the successful use of the package.

Name Description
Kalman Filter Kalman Filter application.
Sinusoidal Steering Maneuver with sinusoidal steering angle input.
Skid Pad Simple vehicle moving in circle.
Skid Pad 4DOF Simple vehicle with roll dynamics moving in circle.
Steering Control Double lane change maneuver.
Template Articulated Articulated vehicle simulation.
Template Articulated Simulink Simulate the articulated vehicle model in Simulink.
Template Simple Simple vehicle simulation.
Template Simple Simulink Simulate the simple vehicle model in Simulink.
Tire Comparison Comparison of tire models.

API Documentation

API Documentation is here. Help and documentation on-the-fly are available through the "doc" and "help" commands, as usual.


There are several ways to contribute to open source projects (Contributing to open source).

To push your contribution see the following steps:


MENDES, A. S.; MENEGHETTI, D. R. ; ACKERMANN, M. ; FLEURY, A. T. . Vehicle Dynamics - Lateral: Open Source Simulation Package for MATLAB. In: Congresso SAE Brasil, 2016, São Paulo. SAE Technical Paper Series, 2016.

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